SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket, X-37B Ready to Launch on Sunday

Mysterious X-37B space plane preps for its longest and highest flight yet.

Total of 3,774 days spent in orbit across six prior missions.

Previous missions used Atlas V and Falcon 9 rockets, but the upcoming one will utilize the powerful Falcon Heavy.

Increased launch vehicle power suggests a potentially higher orbit for the mission.

Pentagon statement describes the mission as having "a wide range of test and experimentation objectives."

Objectives include operating the X-37B in new orbital regimes and experimenting with space domain awareness technologies.

Space domain awareness likely involves monitoring other satellites, potentially for threats.

General Saltzman highlights the growing threat to space systems and emphasizes the mission's importance.

The X-37B program paves the way for future routine space travel and advanced technological experimentation.

Further exploration encouraged to understand the program's history, space domain awareness, and potential future applications.

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