"Sea Monster" Pliosaur Discovered On UK's Jurassic Coast

A 2-meter long pliosaur skull, one of the most complete ever found, was extracted from the cliffs of Dorset's Jurassic Coast.

The skull offers valuable insights into the behavior and physiology of the colossal marine predator.

The pliosaur was an apex predator with razor-sharp teeth and ridges designed for slicing through flesh.

Fossil evidence suggests pliosaurs, including this specimen, even preyed upon other pliosaurs.

The skull is remarkably intact, with both the upper and lower jaws preserved in detail.

Paleontologist Steve Etches describes the fossil as one of the best he has ever worked on.

The complex and dangerous extraction process will be featured in a David Attenborough BBC documentary.

Dr. Andre Rowe compares the pliosaur to an underwater T. Rex due to its size and predatory prowess.

The fossil was discovered by Phil Jacobs, who found the tip of the snout while walking along a beach.

Steve Etches believes more parts of the pliosaur remain in the cliffs and urges their extraction before erosion claims them.

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