James Webb Telescope Captures Unrivalled Detail of Galactic Center

 James Webb Space Telescope captures unprecedented details of the Milky Way's center.

Image reveals never-before-seen features in Sagittarius C star-forming region.

Protostar cluster glows like a bonfire amidst dense infrared-dark cloud.

Webb's NIR Cam captures large-scale emission from ionized hydrogen.

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Chaotic needle-like structures in the ionized hydrogen observed.

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Galactic center is a crowded, tumultuous place with star formation.

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Webb data provides valuable insights into star formation processes.

Unprecedented detail allows study of how stars form in extreme environments.

 Image enables comparison of star formation in galactic center vs. other regions.

 Webb data reveals "origin story" of massive stars and heavy elements.

Explosions from Sun to disturb space weather in 2024