China's Chang'e 6 Mission is set to bring samples from Moon's Hidden Side

China's Chang'e 6 mission aims to be the first to bring back samples from the far side of the moon.

The mission will utilize a four-component spacecraft: an orbiter, lander, ascender, and re-entry module.

The spacecraft will land in the South Pole-Aitken Basin, a massive impact crater on the far side of the moon.

To facilitate communication with Earth, a new relay satellite named Queqiao 2 will be deployed in lunar orbit.

China has invited international partners to contribute scientific instruments to the mission.

The Chang'e 6 mission is the latest in a series of successful Chinese lunar missions.

The far side of the moon is never visible from Earth due to tidal locking.

Studying the far side of the moon could help us to understand the formation and evolution of the moon, as well as the history of the solar system.

The Chang'e 6 mission is a major step forward in our understanding of the moon and its place in the solar system.