Astronomers Uncover Neat Six-Planet Solar System!

"Astronomers find a rare family of six planets 100 light-years away, using two satellites, aiding in unlocking secrets of planet formation."

"Six exoplanets orbit a sun-like star named HD110067 in the Coma Berenices constellation in the northern sky."

"Bigger than Earth but smaller than Neptune, these planets, labeled b through g, are a type called sub-Neptunes."

"For every six orbits of the closest planet b around the star the outermost planet g completes one orbit."

"As planet c completes three orbits around the star, planet d does two, and when planet e finishes four orbits, planet f completes three."

"The harmonic rhythm creates a resonant chain, with all six planets aligning every few orbits."

"The uniqueness of this planetary family lies in its stability for over 1 billion years since formation, offering insights into planet evolution and the origin of sub-Neptunes in our Milky Way galaxy."

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