Christmas Tree Magic in North Carolina: Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Tree

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The crisp air, the scent of pine, and the anticipation of the holidays – there’s nothing quite like choosing the perfect Christmas tree in North Carolina. With over 1,500 Christmas tree farms scattered across the state, North Carolina is a true haven for those seeking a festive experience.

A Rich History of Christmas Trees in North Carolina

christmas tree farm north carolina

North Carolina has a long and proud history of Christmas tree cultivation, dating back to the early 20th century. The Fraser Fir, known for its strong branches, needle retention, and beautiful fragrance, quickly became the state’s signature tree. Today, North Carolina ranks second in the nation for Christmas tree production, with over 5 million trees harvested annually.

WNC: Home to the Christmas Tree Capital of the South

christmas tree farm north carolina

The Western North Carolina (WNC) region is synonymous with Christmas trees. With its mountainous terrain and cool climate, WNC provides the ideal growing conditions for Fraser Firs. In fact, the town of West Jefferson in Ashe County is affectionately known as the “Christmas Tree Capital of the South.” Every year, the town hosts the Ashe County Christmas Tree Festival, a month-long celebration featuring decorated trees, caroling, and holiday cheer.

Beyond the Fraser Fir: A Diverse Selection of Trees

Farmer Joey Clawson (left) and extension agent Eddy Labus discuss fraser firs at Panoramic View Christmas Tree Farm in Watauga County, outside Boone.

While the Fraser Fir reigns supreme, North Carolina Christmas tree farms offer a diverse selection of trees to suit every taste and budget. Popular options include:

  • Virginia Pine: A fast-growing tree with a classic Christmas tree shape and a strong, earthy scent.
  • White Pine: A soft-needled tree with a silvery-blue hue and a pleasant scent.
  • Carolina Sapphire: A unique Fraser Fir hybrid known for its dense foliage, blue-green color, and exceptional needle retention.
  • Leyland Cypress: A fast-growing tree with a conical shape and a spicy, citrusy fragrance.

Choosing and Cutting Your Perfect Christmas Tree

Many Christmas tree farms in North Carolina offer a “choose-and-cut” experience, allowing you to select your own tree and cut it down yourself. This makes for a fun and memorable family outing. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect tree:

  • Measure your space: Before heading to the farm, measure the height and width of the space where you plan to display the tree.
  • Inspect the tree: Look for a tree with a full, symmetrical shape and strong, healthy branches.
  • Bounce the tree: A healthy tree will have minimal needles fall off when you bounce it on the ground.
  • Cut it yourself: If opting for a choose-and-cut farm, follow the farm’s instructions for cutting the tree.

How Many Christmas Tree Farms Are There in NC?

North Carolina boasts a robust Christmas tree industry, with over 1,500 Christmas tree farms spread across the state. This abundance ensures that there’s no shortage of options when it comes to finding that ideal tree for your holiday celebrations.

What NC Region Is Famous for Its Christmas Trees?

The western region of North Carolina is particularly renowned for its Christmas trees. Nestled in the picturesque Appalachian Mountains, this area provides optimal conditions for growing high-quality Christmas trees. Counties like Ashe, Alleghany, and Watauga are well-known for their lush tree farms, offering a scenic backdrop for the annual tradition of choosing and cutting down the perfect tree.

What Is the Christmas Tree Capital of NC?

When it comes to crowning a Christmas tree capital in North Carolina, the town of Sparta takes center stage. Sparta, situated in Alleghany County, proudly holds the title of the “Christmas Tree Capital of North Carolina.” The town’s commitment to sustainable tree farming and its festive atmosphere during the holiday season make it a must-visit destination for those seeking a memorable Christmas tree experience.

What Is NC Ranked in Christmas Tree Production?

North Carolina consistently ranks as one of the top Christmas tree-producing states in the nation. In fact, it often secures second place, just behind Oregon, in total Christmas tree production. The dedication of North Carolina’s farmers to cultivating high-quality trees has solidified the state’s reputation as a reliable source for festive greenery during the holiday season.

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