Alteryx How to Change Date Format

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Changing the date format in Alteryx is a straightforward process. Alteryx provides various tools that allow you to modify and format dates according to your desired format. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to change the date format in Alteryx:

1. Open your Alteryx workflow:

Launch Alteryx Designer and open the workflow where you want to change the date format.

2. Identify the date field:

Identify the specific field or column in your data that contains the date values you want to format.

3. Use the DateTime tool:

Drag and drop the DateTime tool from the Alteryx Tool Palette onto your workflow canvas. Connect it to the data stream, ensuring that it follows the data source containing the date field.

4. Configure the DateTime tool:

Double-click on the DateTime tool to open its configuration window. In the configuration window, select the input field that contains the date values you want to format.

5. Specify the desired output format:

In the DateTime tool’s configuration window, locate the “Output Format” field. Here, you can specify the desired format for your dates using the available formatting options.

6. Preview and apply the changes:

Use the “Preview” button in the DateTime tool’s configuration window to preview the changes to the date format. Ensure that the preview reflects the desired format. If satisfied, click “OK” to apply the changes.

7. Continue with your workflow:

Once you have successfully changed the date format, you can continue with your workflow. The date values will now be formatted according to the specified format.

By following these steps, you can easily change the date format in Alteryx using the DateTime tool. Remember to select the appropriate format options that align with your desired output format for dates. Alteryx provides flexibility in formatting dates, allowing you to meet specific requirements for your data analysis and reporting needs.

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